About Parkland Pediatric Dentistry

Welcome to Parkland Pediatric Dentistry, your home for Holistic Pediatric Dental Care!  As a pediatric dental office, we do more than fix cavities and pull teeth.  We specialize in making children feel as comfortable as possible, so they like going to the dentist.  This will lay the groundwork for their future so that they will have a healthy relationship with dentists throughout their lives.  Our prime goal is to alleviate your children’s fears so that they won't be afraid of going to the dentist whether they are five or fifty.

We accomplish our goals by bonding with our patients and using the latest technologies to treat your child quickly and painlessly.  We also use state of the art techniques to make the process as comfortable for you and your child as possible.

Oral health plays an important role in overall health.  Let us get your child started on the road to a healthy life at Parkland Pediatric Dentistry.  Your child can have healthy teeth and the confidence that comes with a healthy smile.