Scheduling appointments

We want your appointment to go as smoothly as possible and in order to aid in this process, we have outlined some appointment guidelines.

Appointment Times

While we have various openings throughout the day, we recommend that parents of young children schedule morning appointments.  Young children typically respond better in the morning so this will alleviate some of their stress.

After school appointments are popular with older children.  Please make after school appointments well in advance, since these time slots fill up quickly.

On Time Arrival

Our appointments last between 30-60 minutes and we do our best to stay on schedule throughout the day.  That means that late patients may have to be rescheduled.  We do understand that things come up, but we strive to stay on time with all of patients and late arrivals can really throw off an entire day.    We recommend coming 5-10 minutes early.

Types of Appointments

In most cases, we schedule separate appointments for cleanings and treatments.  This makes the experience better for your child.  In an emergency, we may combine the appointments.

Breaking an Appointment

We require 24-hour notice for cancellations.  If you fail to contact our office 24-hours in advance, you may be subject to not being able to reschedule during our busier times.

Accompanying a Child

A parent or legal guardian must be present during the appointments.  In some cases, we can conduct work without the parent or guardian, but arrangements must be made with our office in advance.

Meeting Beforehand

Before Dr. Bond stars the initial treatment, she likes to meet with the patient's parents.  Parents can then decide to stay in the waiting room or go back in with their child.


We prefer that you do not bring your child's siblings with you during the treatment.  This can be distracting for the dentist, parents, and patient.  However, in some cases, bringing a sibling cannot be avoided.  When that happens, we ask that parents stay in the waiting room with the sibling.